does the pet girl of sakurasou have a happy ending

Not having a talk or even a slight conversation with her (as you said) simply implies that he needs that kind of space for his growth or else the break up would be for nothing. Do you think he is kind ?, etc. He was just glad that Sorata ended up with Mashiro. Fuck this Shit.. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou - Recommendations - Anime-Planet. But that’s my two cents. but Does every member of sakurasou reached their dream especially sorata and nanami? What is bad about this anime, imo, is how it never gives you a measure to gauge how much Sorata and the others improve. Mostly, only small details are changed from the light novel in the anime, but in general: the dialogue is severely cut down some scenes are rewritten, usually to place greater emphasis on Nanami’s role. There was nothing to say. A. Anytime I am disappointed with the outcome of an anime story, It makes me want to become an anime storyline`s advisor or authors assistant so I can correct the flaws because I feel helpless now that I cant change the story except for in my imagination. makes no sense. At first, he felt pressured living in Sakurasou because it is a house full of geniuses. Mashiro is unique. In those cases though, the build up from acquaintance to relationship is extremely fast, while in the case of LNs, the build up from acquaintance to relationship consumes the whole story – it’s a shame that the middle ground is rarely seen in recent works. Fuck. Honestly, I am really happy with the ending. If Sorata had gotten together with Nanami, that would have been a copout in and of itself. but different with me… maybe i can change sora’s mind so he can more gently, and not blame his own fault to the others… and you guys realize that when dragon give his books to sora, he send and email that contain (probably you need to read that damn book till you crushed yourself)… and the result sora crushed himself 3times. “Love is just a bug in the emotional programing.” One of the strongest aspects of Sakurasou is how likable the cast is. Akasaka Ryuunosuke is the most affected because he soon realizes Rita's illness is the same he And I don’t think anyone will take seriously what they read in a book. It shows during the anime because quite a few parts were just plain old unnecessary. A spoiler-free review of the anime series Bright. A double pain in that situation.. High School DxD: It’s a pretty fun novel! Mashiro’s manga is widely regarded as a classic. I completely understand that you think this was a bad ending, but it really doesn’t sound like the absolute, up-most worst ending possible. I am satisfied now. Both have their own unique charm. Since the “My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy” anime only just came out yesterday and I really like the show, I’d rather wait until the anime has at least ended before reading and spoiling it for myself. even tough i know they don´t got enough money to make it probably, sorry for my poor english, i am 14 years old and live in netherlands :P. This is indeed a good anime. “Yeah.” She really was right about all those things. Having a pervert is off-putting, though. Do you mean Nanami ? This is when Nanami comes back after her hard work to convince her parents to support her voice acting career and Sorata values her companionship so much. She is put on a bus and barely ever mentioned again. The ending of volume 8. in this case, a girl who cant live properly without you.. i thougt you’ve read the whole LN till the end…. While I’m very attached to Nanami, Sorata x Mashiro makes more sense when you look at the themes the story is trying to address. They don’t actually think hard about where exactly they went wrong. She starts to get to the point of desperation. – i knew it that sorata will end up with mashiro, just see their name it was suit to’em (soraxshiro? And well, The Pet Girl of Sakurasou does have some of those. The way failure portrayed in this anime is plain bad. Hm, isn’t it somewhere around there…?”, “Oh, right! The light novel seems to do worse. She is a strong character in the anime and needs some level of closure. Yes, they do. This really has just been a lesser version of Toradora, from beginning to end. The author of Sakurasou himself is in his early thirties. “I think that’s for the best.” He was in love with the sound of her voice. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After reading that Sorata gets into a relationship with Mashiro, I was disappointed because, in my opinion, Nanami would have been better than Mashiro. When they make mistakes, it always seems to be the same kinds of mistakes. “I’ve always loved you for these past four years.”. because for readers/viewers like me who relates to these characters and situation, it was like a pot at the end of the rainbow. just look at the anime they’ve created things such as games, figures etc. (Jin x Misaki, Ryuunosuke x Rita, etc.). Like. Personally I would have liked to see her warming to the other friend Diachi. but this already over. If you have any further questions or comments one could reasonably have about the LNs and the ending of the series, feel free to leave a reply on this post. And no, they never talked once. From what you gave us here it seems that she not only did that, she may have actually improved on the original material by focusing on more than just the cheesy fanservice romcom parts and adding a lot more about the dreams, creativity, and hard work stuff than was present in the novels. You did really spoiled my Light novel ending, and for that, i thank you. They did get a lot of development. Hehe. I would like your opinion, If in case there was a second season, you think they would put some sex scene of Mashiro and Sorata? But music and writing? Exciting sketches of 「Galactic Cat Nyaboron」 covered the walls and the seven stray cats that he picked up were sound asleep on the where did you found the LN? Yeah some people have it easier than others, be happy for them; don’t be a little bitch because they succeeded and your hard work ending up not producing the results you want. SorataXAoyama forever tho, Dnt want Aoyama end up with Sorata’s best friend tho. I can understand where the characters are coming from on that aspect but I can’t relate. and no romanctic closure between mashiro and sorata -_-. And about cutting her hair, it wouldn’t simply imply that he got over Sorata, but she’s trying or starting to move on. Anyway, my point being that I guess I always knew it was going to be Mashiro, though I much preferred Nanami. Well, ask and ye shall receive. I’d say the LN overall is mediocre and about average as far as LNs go, but the last couple of volumes take a nosedive in storytelling quality. The novel explains it like this: “Nanami, who ran away from home to become a voice actor and who worked hard at her part-time job to make a living, was breaking the rules for not going back to the regular dorms. Some of us won’t have the time to read through the end. Q. Funny that he never mentions that some scenes with Aoyama were anime original while many scenes with Mashiro were scrapped because director is Aoyamafag. Similar themes of hard work. The reason why sorata makes a game because he want to reach mashiro someday that motivate him. For some reason they bring up his relationship with Fuuka and even go as far as to say something like "you want to keep Misaki close to you, pure forever. I feel strongly that they could take some less than stellar source material and turn it into something special. However, I also think that he is not always a well-written character. The whole Sorata having sex seem okish, but the things he was saying the next morning seem bizarre and it sort of taints that whole experience. Its a lot like the “Save Sakurasou” petitions it would take a miracle for it to end well. (Korean) Honestly, I didn't mind it too much. “Even so…”. A. It’s ambiguous. In the end, if there is second season, I hope it will show the progress of all the character not only Mashiro and Sorata. Firstly I think that This novel is one of those that didn't need the drama because the story itself is already good enough. Maybe if a second season is created, it can branch out to it’s own ending…. Sorata was no longer the ignorant boy he had once been. How did she get over Sorata? you guys think im joking ? “N-No way at all! You guys could see this happening in the anime. (The project looks stalled.) I have completed the anime but the cunclusion is nothing means nither nanami nor mashiro… “Nrgh…” At last, Mashiro opened her eyes. If he had kept fighting, if he had worked hard to win her love, maybe then I would be happy with letting her go and accepting Mashiro and Sorata. Was so happy for both Rita/Ryuun and Jim/Misaki. Or would it be censored? Some of the fans maybe think Nanami is annoying character, but for me the most annoying character is Sorata. The true response would be “in effect, she evaporated!” because the author ceased to think about her. Thanks for translating the ending, not like there's gonna be a s2 so this is some closure at least. She needs happiness. She needs someone. He was truly frantic, and his desperation seemed more awkward and unsightly by the second. There are some Shojou mangas of relatively recent date of writing that have started with a relationship. Current track: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Ending 1 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou Ending 1. But then again, that was her biggest issue that she invested so much time towards her dreams that she couldn’t really do anything else. What does it mean? WEll at least the title itself is canonical on who will he ended up with in the first place.. looking forward to see the anime version with the said volume., :D, How the hell Mashiro x Sorata is the worst pairing? Their hearts were each thumping with the same frantic beat. Still, at least it was a better ending than Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. They had sex again in another chapters too ? Mashiro’s conflicts are trivial and almost nonexistent when compared to the amount of stress and failures that Nanami had to endure. I-It’s because I love you that I want to do it with you! but left sakurasou after d rejection? There’s this picture from the very last page of the book: Q. Alternatively, if you use a reader, you can add my feed to it: Oh, he loves her all right. This kind of wishy-washy nonsense, especially with time-skipping, is pretty aggravating and won’t do anyone any favors. A. I would actually prefer Sorata to be with Mashiro more than Nanami. At least from an anime perspective. My friend says he’s buying the game, so maybe I’ll steal his PSP :P. If you don’t mind me asking, where were you able to read this? Of course I also wondering, is there second season? Really, I just spoke what was on my mind after reading this post and watching the anime. also so she didnt go to the reg dorms n stayed at sakurasou, so she was expelled from sakurasou? And that of course, is the same time that Mashiro and Sorata begin. Or maybe you actually have read the novel and you just want to pick flaws in my rant. :P Also, although i love Mashiro’s role i feel more like Nanami should have a better chance with sorata, up until the episode 21 they were so close that i actually thought she could have a chance! I liked the end, the separation is very interesting, showing that earlier they were not ready for a relationship yet. Sorata Kanda’s been banished from normal housing for the crime of adopting stray cats! What about volumes 7-10? I need some stupid harem ending anime right now :(((((((, Harems are for retarded immature people (light novels for just retarded). I mean Sorata DID just tell Mashiro that he loves her so it makes sense she wants to kiss. x), I was reading that fu**ing novel and thinking and getting excited about kanda and nanami’s relationship but what am i reading here is just total bullshit… Just a shortcut Mashiro is one of the headest characters that’s why they can’t leave her alone and gave her to the one she loves. Nanami leaves at the beginning of volume 9, so this is almost immediately after Sorata and Mashiro get together. But the epilogue may have been a bit too short to shed any light on the matter. (mind you at the time he was just about 15 when they were dating.) This LN understands reality and people, because it means much more to be understood first than just to layout the words, eventually it will just slam right on your face and will do no good. He was kicked out of the standard school dorm after he refused to abandon a white cat he picked up. In this show however, the drama was a "spur of the moment" kinda thing which I don't really mind and can somewhat appreciate. My last question is if u know anything another high school DxD new. Please be happy. I thought Ryousuke, again sorry if I spelled his name wrong, was the best and the wisest character in the series. Thanks for the spoiler . Then again, even in the anime (up to the extent that I stopped), it is made clear than Sorata will eventually end up with Mashiro. It is a bad romance novel. Hey dude 7 years later and I was wondering, is there a way I can read your version of the ending, since you said you’ve thought about it? Uhmmm…i’m trying to read the light novel of this but i can’t find the translations…i know there is Baka-tsui but not all of it is completed from what i see on my computer they are still working somewhere on volume 5. may you help? Soft. “What is it?” Mashiro turned her body towards him too. at least that what Kanda Sorata would say. But… What the hell you were saying. Nothing could possibly sum up my feelings and utmost love for this show. Same rules. Edit: To those readers who asked questions, I’ve added the answers to this post. Q. I’ll elaborate on your comments with the context of the events in question: Kicked Nanami? A. I just finished the anime and I was curious to see what happens next, but now this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am aware of that petition. Mashiro’s manga is widely regarded as a classic. I-It’s because I love you that I want to do it with you! It was evident that he already feels something for her when he kept on chasing her when she gets lost/about to leave and caring for her undoubtedly. Just like this summery did. I’m open to critique. Tsundere a shit. I would’ve been fine with Nanami’s ultimate defeat if the anime hadn’t replenishing hope in the anime, but at the same time, I appreciate that insertion by the screenwriter because it added depth to the characters and to the main plot. I didn’t give a shit about Nanami honestly, her stuff was touching but I just wanted her to let SorataxMashiro flourish. You were the only reason I endured the second half of the anime…. Sorata just find he’s talent at that age. if your not satisfy try to rewatch and understand and you will begin to love sorata x mashiro. My second issue is with Sorata and Nanami. I see, so that is how this story ended. “We might fight again.” Mashiro held her own hands close to her chest. Conclusion: I like the concept of Sorata’s character but am ambivalent about his portrayal. I had a feeling that that those scenes about failure were drawn from life, but I had no idea Mari Okada had such a personal connection to the whole project. Better closure than the anime. The “blueball everyone” ending is the worst, of course, because it tries to please everyone. And Sorata laughs because he realises that comparing himself to other people was stupid all along and yet he couldn’t help himself. Eh, it never works out the way I want it to…golden rule is, if she’s not on the cover of the first LN, she hasn’t got a damn snowflake’s chance in hell. What a horrible way to get rid of such a promising character. For that reason, she was expelled from Sakurasou.”. – Kicked Nanami? then reality hit you hard. I see you’ve been taking up a lot of comments to ask me questions unrelated to the topic of the original post, so if you have any more questions about light novel translations or whatever, please just email me at actually this anime is all about self discovery and working hard to reach your goal. I just wish we could’ve seen more action in the end like a real kiss. I guess the two step forward, one step back character progression of Sorata in the anime reflected the flaws of the LN. while you who had tried your hardest failed. For me, I bet Sakurasou won't be demolished and it'll have a happy ending since it isn't some sad anime, but as for Kanda, I HOPE it's Mashiro. All things considered, Sakurasou is probably best read as a generic romance with a little something extra on top rather than as primarily a story about achieving your dream.

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