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Corporations have been arguing that they deserve the same rights as people under the United States Constitution since 1809, when the first corporate rights case came in front of the Supreme Court. Thank you for signing up! by Jon Meacham. The hosts of the popular podcast of the same name bring practical tips and cheeky humor to help women fend off manspreading in the wild. This text was written in 1979 by Václav Havel, a Czechoslovakian writer and philosopher who would go on to become the first President of the Czech Republic in 1993. He likens this domination to authoritarian regimes and claims that, throughout the later half of the 20th century, the United States was more concerned with maintaining control of global resources and power than it was with—as the United States government itself asserts—spreading democracy to the world. I’ll end this list with a book that claims it will show you how to move beyond political hobbyism, take political action, and make real change. The Republic is a Socratic dialogue authored by Plato sometime around 375 BCE. Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams was the first Black woman to lead a major party in the race for governor. The political history of the world is the history of the various political entities created by the human race throughout their existence and the way these states define their borders. Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation. He was known for his antislavery speeches and writing, and was well-known in his time. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 8 Things to Know About Kamala Harris' Husband, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s Astrology Charts, Joe Biden's Dogs Major and Champ Have Tons of Fans, A Look at Joe and Jill Biden’s Beautiful Romance, 8 Things To Know About Kamala Harris's Sister, Why Kamala Harris's Choice of Sneakers Matters, Kamala Harris's Step-Kids Call Her "Momala", Sen. Kamala Surprised Her Sorority Sisters on Zoom, This Nonprofit Sends Pizza to Long Voting Lines. See product details. The award-winning author of White Rage explores the drive to purge voters of their right to cast a ballot, meanwhile exposing a decades-long plot to disenfranchise people of color. A POLITICAL HISTORY. In it, Havel writes that totalitarian regimes, like the one he was living in, force ordinary citizens to become dissidents. The guiding principle of the United States Constitution is that people have “unalienable rights,” which is a departure from the previously prevailing idea that human rights are “given” to the people by the state. His insistence is that people always have power, despite oppressive circumstances, but this was in complete contrast to pervading Soviet-era eastern European cynicism of the time. The most recent of these is obviously Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury, a scandalous and revealing fly-on-the-wall tell-all of Donald Trump‘s first year in office. Download Politics Books for FREE. In Rosseau’s time, the French monarch was thought to be divinely bestowed, and, of course, they could hand down laws without regard for the will of the people. In 1838, he escaped to freedom in New York and became a leader of the abolitionist movement. From Trump to Brexit and from the state of democracy to Black Lives Matter, here you’ll find our vast selection of bestselling politics books, including the biographies of world leaders and great political … She specifically argues that women have a right to be educated, and makes the case by reasoning that as the the moral compasses for society, and the people responsible for raising future generations, it was logical for women to be properly educated. And these corporations have been remarkably successful. 4.6 out of 5 stars 55. by Rachel Maddow. It explores the limits of a capitalistic society and the capitalist “mode of production.” It concludes that capitalistic societies will eventually be “forcibly overthrown” and replaced by socialism. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli 2. A product of public schools and the Ivy League, a Yale Law professor exposes the lies beneath aspirational meritocracy, damning it with data and anecdotes. This list is a compilation of some of the classic founding political theory books, an attempt to include political writing beyond what might be considered traditional “political theory canon,” an exploration of intersectionality and politics, and a reflection on some of the major topics that play a role in our political discourse today. The other two essays in this collection also concern issues of freedom and fascism, and given the text was collected in 2020, it provides a very modern context. First, a Stanford and a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, “with more degrees than July.” Then, the innovative mayor of Newark before becoming one of only eight post-Reconstruction African-Americans to serve in Capitol Hill’s distinguished upper chamber. This is the 1994 autobiography of the revolutionary Nelson Mandela, who would go on to become the President of South Africa. Chomsky criticizes the imperialistic behavior of the United States in the country’s quest to remain a dominant economic and militaristic world superpower. Lorde makes her case with examples that were extremely relevant to the time—and also now—including war, protest, police brutality, and the importance of building diverse political coalitions to achieve change. In Markovits’s telling, the American Dream is a locked steel door that bars the middle-class from achievement and imprisons the children of elites in cells of excruciating expectations. 16 Best Political Books to Read Before the 2020 Election. It engages with the relationship between Indigenous people and American colonizers, and covers a brief history of the Indigenous resistance movements responding to colonization of their land. A finalist for the 2017 National Book Award, Democracy in Chains tells a marvelous story of money, mayhem, and right-wing conspiracy through the lens of economist James McGill Buchanan, the man who hatched a plan for conservative rule. It is an exploration of intersectional identity, and how intersectionality must be considered regarding all political issues. By Colin Moore. Ahead, a few compasses to help you navigate this time in American history through a political lens. Public defender, Senator, Vice President, Presidential contender. She skyrocketed to global literary fame in 1997 when she won the Man Booker Prize for her first novel, God of Small Things. A Political History David R. Roediger Drawing on rich traditions of radical social thought, Roediger disavows the thinly sourced idea that the United States was, for much of its history, a “middle class” nation and the still more indefensible position that it is one now. After a terminal cancer diagnosis, his eldest son Beau asked his dad to promise him he’d be okay; as Beau’s health declined, Biden performed his elected duties, jet-setting around the globe at the request of his close friend, President Obama, managing conflicts in Ukraine and Iraq even as he suffered the most wrenching agony of all: the death of a child. The text is critical of the communist regime that controlled the Czech state at the time, and it was originally published by underground grassroots organizers who circulated it in secrecy to avoid Soviet censorship. It is a feminist Marxist analysis of United States history from the era of the slave trade, to abolition, up until the women’s liberation movement (now sometimes called the second-wave feminist movement) of the 1960s. The context of her writing about freedom and rights is significant, because this text was published during the French Revolution. Browse and buy a vast selection of Political History Books and Collectibles on AbeBooks.com. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has uneasily embodied some of the most enduring tensions in our culture: a Harvard grad and urban businessman lured back to run for mayor of his Rust Belt town; a closeted Iraq War veteran; the first openly gay candidate for President; and now, most shockingly, a coolly measured voice amid the din of Twitter grievance. We have to grow a movement. She’s got a plan for virtually all of our challenges, tapping the varied arenas of her life, including a hardscrabble Oklahoma childhood, plus working as a schoolteacher, Harvard Law professor, and later, policy visionary. Chances are, you've been following politics in 2020, and the years before. Rather they are activists, fighting against society’s prejudice to demand the rights they are entitled to, just like any other citizen, and winning. Our other fiction exception on this list is Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, which was published in 1949 and looks eerily ahead at an imagined future society. Davis explores the ways racism and class biases have held feminist political agendas back from accomplishing their complete goals. That particular essay is about Eco’s experience growing up in Italy after World War II, during and after the reign of fascist Mussolini. Most recently, though, 1984 reached the number one spot on the Amazon best-seller list again in January 2017, after Kellyanne Conway—then Presidential advisor—referred to blatant lies told by then White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer as “alternative facts,” a phrase that feels all too Orwellian. And of course, the 2020 reader will understand that this book, and the role of the Supreme Court, are more relevant in our contemporary politics than ever as we face another Supreme Court vacancy with the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Aug 7 2018 This text was written prior to the time when “democracy” was first put into words a political concept, and obviously Plato’s concept of a republic led by philosophers is not really used in many of today’s modern states today. With its release, Harris is being touted as a potential 2020 White House contender, especially after saying she believes the U.S. is ready for a woman of color to be president. As you read more about politics and become more interested in the subjects mentioned in this article, you might want to know how you can take part. Frederick Douglass was enslaved in Maryland until he was in his early 20s. Oprah Magazine participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. 26. Herein, Baldwin writes about protest novels, art in revolution, rent in Harlem, the paternalism of white progressives, his time as a Black expatriate in France, and the dramatic social changes happening in the United States during this time period. Of course, the United States federal government has three branches, but this is the first book on this list to deal with the judiciary branch of government. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, No Pity: People With Disabilities Forging a Civil Rights Movement. Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World. George Orwell, a British writer and democratic socialist, wrote this book as a thinly veiled allegorical response to the 1917 Russian Revolution, and the authoritarian “reign of terror” that followed during Stalinism. £13.95 #24. Political History Books. Because of the sentiment of “liberté, égalité, fraternité” that was in the air during the time of the revolution, this message of women’s equality was actually generally well-received in its time. Though the Constitution is primarily thought of as a legal document—used to define the branches of the United States government, separate the powers of the federal government and the individual states, and outline the rights of the American people—as a text, it can’t be ignored as a foundational piece of political history and theory. She’s been called the “long-distance runner” of the 2020 election. And interestingly, we saw similar thinking in other parts of the world, like in the writings of Confucius who wrote about “benevolent hierarchy” in China around the same period. A list of 25 great political books to learn more about political history and major political theories, including Women, Race, and Class by Angela Y. Davis. Plato argues that knowledge should be the determining factor as to who should rule the people, because those with the most expertise—in Plato’s view philosophers, like himself—will be the most fair and efficient leaders. The Republic by Plato 5. by Barack Obama. The New York Times financial writer maps the advance of economists—from the Kennedy administration onward—out of the academy and into government, elevating free markets in the sausage-making of public policy and sparking the inequity that plagues us today. Long-standing political coalitions have devolved into in-fighting. Her title serves as a gimlet-eyed analysis of President Lyndon B. Johnson, Chief Justice John Roberts, and Jim Crow laws. Hardcover. Pitted against an often antagonistic media, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have made difficult choices, for themselves and for others, with grace and fortitude. The essay goes on to list the 14 defining characteristics of a fascist regime, including, traditionalism, rejection of modernism, appeals to people who feel deprived of social identity, populism, contempt for others, propaganda, and more. Common Sense (Books of American Wisdom) [Paine Thomas] on Amazon.com. Its impulses were his impulses; its appetites were his appetites; its mentality was his mentality. Five books of American political history that you must read. The intrepid and bestselling New Yorker journalist explores government corruption and economic inequality, revisiting the billionaires who shaped our present and will mold the future. Check out these politically-relevant graphic novels, or more books on international politics. Unfortunately, labor and workers issues are still a major issue worldwide today, made even more relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. This book is published at the very start of his Presidency, and the majority centers around his anti-aparthaid activism, which resulted in his 27-year long imprisonment. Earlier this year, television critic Emily Nussbaum’s I Like to Watch regaled us with behind-the-scenes insights into the cultural power of the small screen. The author of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Beginning returns with a compelling compendium of facts and figures, searing stories of tragedy and triumph as he defines what it truly means to be an anti-racist in our divisive age. But hopefully this must-read list will help you understand some of the foundational concepts of politics and political issues we face today! 1. While young men have fallen by the hundreds of thousands in military combat, America’s women have waged wars of their own on the home front, forcing change. George Thomas Kurian . The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau 6. Memoirs from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris also give insight into the future president and VP. As electorate demographics rapidly change, and the American left undergoes a political realignment, this movement will play a crucial role in the future of politics. The Best History Books of 2018 From the political violence of 19th-century America to the untold stories of African-American pioneers, these books help shape our understanding of today The title is a reference to the eight years Black Reconstruction-era politicians were in power before white supremacy and Jim Crow laws clawed their way back. On November 7, Joe Biden was named the President Elect of the United States, and Kamala Harris the Vice President-elect, making her the first woman and woman of color in the White House. Noam Chomsky is a philosopher, political activist, and social critic. The essays are foundational reading for the Civil Rights Movement, as is The Fire Next Time, which Baldwin later published in 1963 to instant national bestseller status. Interested in political history? Read 34 564 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alarmed by the spike in perilous climate change, the acclaimed writer tackles what we can do here and now, ordinary tweaks with global impact, his book a mesh of bulleted lists blended with polished literary forms—read this if you're looking for The Overstory meets 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth. Here they share a hundred profiles of the women who have inspired them through tough moments: resilient figures from the past -- Harriet Tubman, “the Moses of her people,” and  Rachel Carson, the environmental Cassandra -- and the present, such as charismatic activist Malala Yousafzai and the virtuoso novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Aidichie. This story imagines—rather, warns—of a totalitarian future where society is governed by surveillance, lies, propaganda, and a supreme leader with a cult of personality. From candidate memoirs to journalistic deep dives. Headway for corporates rights cases was made long before civil or women’s rights, after all. These are some reading recommendations that will hopefully provide a deeper look at some of these issues. It is interrelated to other fields of history, especially diplomatic history, as well as constitutional history and public history. His Truth Is Marching On: John Lewis and the Power of Hope. 1-16 of over 2,000 results for Books: Politics & Social Sciences: Social Sciences: Political Science: Political History Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap? Steve Kornacki, the national political correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC, delivers the captivating, complicated relationship between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, two men who dominated American politics in the '90s. It will teach you about lobbying, advocacy, and mobilizing communities and coalitions to make a difference for the causes you care about. Other books, like Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist, are urgent looks at the systemic racism present in American society, and how politics intersects with it. But it later became a foundational text as social democrat parties began to rise up in Europe throughout the 1870s, and especially later on during the communist revolution of 1917 that began the Soviet Union. You'll find information on political movements and ideologies, as well … Written by an experienced and renowned textbook author, this book examines all the major themes, personalities and issues of this important period in a clear and digestible form.Aspects of British History, 1815-1914 addresses the major issues of this much-studied period in a clear and digestible form. Arundhati Roy is an Indian writer and political activist. This collection is edited by the co-founders of the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led grassroots progressive movement that advocates for action on the climate emergency. In her second book, California Senator Kamala Harris incorporates tales from her upbringing and how her mother motivated her to explain why she feels responsible for serving Americans in office. Other books, like Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist, are urgent looks at the systemic racism present in American society, and how politics intersects with it. A History of Modern Political Thought in East Central Europe. Waldman revisits the textured history of the Second Amendment to explain how organizations like the National Rifle Association deeply influence gun rights from Congress to the Supreme Court. He has published many books, but this one, published in 1991, is about the United States’ role of “global police” following World War II up until the present-day of the book. Under this pig, the animals’ lives are worse off than they were before. This book is crucial to understanding the origins of the controversial Supreme Court decision Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, in which the court ruled corporations could be exempt from regulations that its owners’ have religious objection to—a ruling which allowed the owner of Hobby Lobby to deny contraceptive care to their employees despite the Affordable Care Act and set precedent which still impacts us today. Because of this, Rosseau’s radical treatise became a founding text for The French Revolution and the political reformation to come. This collection of essays was written by the Black lesbian feminist writer Audre Lorde between 1976 and 1984. Toobin explores the politics and dynamics of the nine supreme judges who sat on the United States Supreme Court at the time. A seasoned activist shares her wisdom on the struggle for social change, using political movements such as Black Lives Matter, the Women's March, and the Bonus Army as examples. ... Read up on the history … By focusing on the elites in power, on their impact on society, on popular response, and on the relationships with the elites in other social hist Baldwin wrote the essays contained in Notes of a Native Son in the 1940s and 1950s—when he was only in his 20s—and the collection was published in 1955. Examining the legacies of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin offers an invaluable take on how leadership is forged in the fires of adversity and triumph. Non-Fiction Books. 100 000 years ago at least six human species inhabited the earth. On Liberty by John Stuart Mill 7. Brush up on your knowledge of current affairs with our guide to the best political books. I recommend Notes of a Native Son, though, for understanding the Jim Crow era and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, of which Baldwin is a crucial artistic and intellectual figure. Read this for a stirring memoir of public service and private sorrow. How To Be An Antiracist is the antidote for the toxicity of white supremacy—and a rebuke to calls for segregation. The bestselling author of Liar’s Poker weaves crackerjack reporting with ardent polemic, revealing why Americans often vote against their own interests and how civic cluelessness can perpetuate unhappiness. This is the autobiography of the Mexican American civil rights and labor activist Cesar Chavez. The indomitable Massachusetts Senator has emerged as the wonk’s dream date, the go-to candidate for hot takes on trade, healthcare, social justice, and her signature issue of economic inequality. Political activist and academic, Angela Davis, published this work in 1981. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. These collections are for you. Along with moral and political decay, the Philippines has suffered several crises and periods of serious social disruption and widespread corruption. Jean-Jacque Rosseau was a French philosopher who published this essay about the social contract between governments and people in 1762. The basic principle of his “social contract” is that laws are binding only when they are supported by the will of the people. Democracy in America book. Former gubernatorial candidate (and romance novelist) Stacey Abrams wrote a book about fixing the American democracy—and then put her points into action when aiding with voter turnout in Georgia. Books … Again, Orwell based his fictional authoritarian government off of the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union, and he was writing in response to politics of the time. It is an important exploration of civil disobedience movements, and the leadership Indigenous people have offered these movements throughout centuries. Keep an eye on your inbox. When this manifesto was first published, it was relatively obscure. After its underground publication, this text became foundational for the revolution to come. Former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was pivotal in turning out the vote in Georgia during the 2020 presidential election. Pick up this book to learn how to put it all into action. She is a social justice and human rights activist, and her political essays in this collection are concerned with globalization, imperialism, and the politics of modern India. Here is your 20 title-strong political reading list for the next four years of Trump's presidency, encompassing dystopian fiction, cautionary tales from history, and non-fiction. A New Literary History of Modern China. The story of Chavez and the movement he led is foundational to understanding today’s workers movements. Expect to Hear About These 4 Books All Year Long, 10 Books You Won't Be Able to Put Down in January, 10 New Books That'll Keep You Warm This February. The author of the bestselling All the Single Ladies focuses on women's rage and whether sisterhood can bridge deep divides over race, class, and gender identity. Their book also comes with reminders of gender inequality: on average, women earn seventy-nine cents to every man's dollar. I’m including this selection because the American with Disabilities Act was one of the most significant legal and political rights victories accomplished in the modern United States, and yet the history of this political movement is often left out of narratives. The junior Senator from New Jersey hitched a ride on a meteor to success. Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes 4. Like I said, this list, or any other list of political books, is only ever going to be a start. 9780195102307 Hardcover 02 April 1998. Its final chapters are a look forward toward what a sustainable and just relationship between Native people and the United States could look like, which is an incredibly important issue of our time that is not centered nearly enough. These essays deal with a range of contemporary political issues, including Coates’s modern case for reparations, the political legacy of Malcom X, and mass incarceration. Political history is the narrative and survey of political events, ideas, movements, organs of government, voters, parties and leaders. Politics can be difficult to follow, but it pays to be knowledgable about key issues. The Political Science Books Top 100 list presents the best works of political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and public law. In addition to being a politician, Abrams is also a romance novelist and the author of prescient political books like Our Time Is Now, out in June 2020. First Animal Farm, an allegorical novella which was originally published in 1945. Two prominent investigative journalists lead us through Russia’s unprecedented meddling in the 2016 presidential election, drawing from the Cold War to explain Vladimir Putin's influence on Donald Trump. This collection was published in 2019 by Indigenous researcher, environmentalist, and activist Dina Gilio-Whitaker. Now comes the New York Times’ television critic with a similarly masterful study that probes how television networks built up a vulgar xenophobe to boost ratings, a meditation on “a man who, through a four-decades-long TV performance, achieved symbiosis with the medium.

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