2017 Year in Review

2017 was an exciting year here at blu-tility.

Founder and CEO, Richard Clarke, moved back to Canada after a year developing and testing the technology in the UK. He established connections with the University of Victoria, the Hesquiaht First Nation, and others professionals within the wave energy industry here in British Columbia. In August, Richard hired blu-tility’s first employee, Erin Quon, to increase expertise and strengthen the team. At the end of August, Richard and Erin travelled to Cork, Ireland for the 2017 European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) as part of the Canadian Delegation organized through Marine Renewables Canada (MRC). After EWTEC 2017, Erin completed a PhD module at University College Cork through Aalborg University on “Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Numerical and Laboratory Modelling”.

Since returning from Ireland, blu-tility has been focusing on:

  1. Developing the business plan with CMC-Canada business professional, Lyn Blanchard
  2. Designing and manufacturing a prototype Blu-Dino™
  3. Optimizing design of different configurations of WECs using Dynamic Systems Analysis (DSA) ProteusDS software
  4. Meeting with local suppliers and manufacturers involved with the prototyping and potentially involved with future production

blu-tility is looking forward to the Official Canadian Launch of the Blu-Dino™ in early 2018.

Richard looking to the horizon while taking the Tsawwassen to Nanaimo ferry on his trip to meet with the Hesquiaht Council

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