Imagine the immense power of the waves. Now imagine harnessing this clean, sustainable energy resource.

Our name blu-tility comes from the fusion of BLUE for the sea and waves, and UTILITY for the usefulness of an energy resource right there at your shore.

blu-tility wave power offers communities the potential to produce clean energy from their coastal ocean waves.

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blu-tility wave power inc. is developing a novel wave energy converter (WEC) that will be scalable and operational within arrays or as a single unit. The company started in 2016 and was incorporated in May 2017. Since inception, blu-tility has performed physical and numerical modelling showing proof of concept and promising electrical output results.

The goal is to provide our Wave Energy Converters (WECs) to communities, niche industries, and to create jobs. blu-tility is offering clean, quiet power, as an alternative to getting electricity from dirty, noisy, land-based fossil-fuel systems.

Our daily mission is to prove that blu-tility’s wave energy solution is one of the most environmentally benign, low cost, and elegantly designed concepts for empowering communities….. and to have fun while doing it.

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blu-tility’s technology, a.k.a. the Blu-Dino™, is a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) of the linear attenuator type. It floats on the surface of the water and rides parallel to the wave direction, harnessing a continuous motion. In the wave energy industry, the Blu-Dino™ most resembles Pelamis Wave Power’s P2 linear attenuator WEC. However unlike with Pelamis and many other WECs currently in development, blu-tility has found a way to remove end-stops, increase survivability, decrease manufacturing costs, and harness a power output with little fluctuation.

Why Wave Power?

Differential heating of the ocean surface from the sun creates wind, which creates waves and swells. Wave energy is generated from the power found in the waves.

Wave energy is highly forecastable and persistent, compared with other types of renewable energy. One of the best sources for potential wave energy has been identified on the west coast of North America. Here, waves are most intense in winter months-when energy needs are greatest.

Wave Energy Converters (WEC)

There are many different types of wave energy converters, such as:

  1. Attenuator – a floating device operating parallel to the wave direction, it effectively rides the waves
  2. Point Absorber – a floating structure which absorbs energy from all directions through its movements at or near the water surface
  3. Oscillating Wave Surge Converter – extract energy from wave surges, an arm oscillates as a pendulum mounted on a pivoted joint
  4. Oscillating Water Column (OWC) – a partially submerged, hollow structure. Open to the sea below the water line enclosing a column of air on top of a column of water
  5. Overtopping/Terminator Device – captures water as waves break into a storage reservoir, the returned water acts on a low-head turbine to generate power
  6. Submerged Pressure Differential – typically located near shore and attached to the seabed, harnessing the up and down motion of the waves to generate alternating pressure of fluid through a system
  7. Bulge Wave – a rubber tube filled with water, moored to the seabed, with an end open to the waves. Water enters the system, causing pressure variations along the length of the tube
  8. Rotating Mass – two forms of rotation are used to capture energy, the movement is attached to an electric generator inside the device


Richard Clarke, B.Eng

Founder and CEO

blu-tility is run and fully owned by Richard Clarke, the inventor of the Blu-Dino™. He has over twenty five years experience in engineering, manufacturing, sales and entrepreneurship, in the UK, USA, Mexico and Canada. He holds a B.Eng. degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has started three businesses in Canada, since arriving in 1998. He deals in an engaging and interactive manner that has enabled him to build trust and close complex technical sales to large construction projects, automakers, and airplane makers among many other markets. His friendly, honest attitude has helped him to sell more than $10 million of products.During his time as a manufacturing engineer, he practiced lean production techniques, and set-up factories and ISO9001 systems in Mexico. He speaks English and Spanish. Richard is passionate about the environment and persists in making real change to our world’s energy systems, to reduce the pollution from fossil fuels. He is a creative soul who is inspired by nature and the 3.8 billion years of life development before mankind.


Erin Quon, B.Sc (Eng)

Manager, Engineering & Operations

Erin manages the operations, marketing, and logistics of blu-tility. She applies her background in engineering design and modelling to develop blu-tility’s technology. Erin has specific experience with wave energy converter numerical modelling software ProteusDS and NEMOH. She also has varied work experience in engineering consulting, customer service and sales, and the environmental and infrastructure industries.

Outside of work, Erin is an active volunteer for the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) in Vancouver. Her draw to the field of renewable energy stems from her love of the outdoors and nature. Being a part of blu-tility enables Erin to make a positive contribution to society and leave the planet in a better state for future generations.